Our Approach

Greedy businesses are stealing money from hard working people just like you and me.  It is time that we stop allowing the greed machine to continue.

Our Story

While traveling and talking to thousands of people in the USA, I learned very quickly that most of us don't pay attention to our monthly bills.  Most likely we are overpaying and don't even realize it.

We have been conditioned to be in a hurry and not to pay attention.

This lack of attention can cost you $ every day. Greedy Businesses are happy you are not paying attention.

Meet the Team

Cherie Crim

 ·        CEO and Founder of Be Kind to All LLC

·        BA and MBA from Texas Tech University

·        25 years experience in Sales

·        15 years experience in the Telecommunications business including cell phones, Internet and cable TV

·        Helped thousands of people with billing issues and concerns

·        Developed and Launched new products for a telecommunications company

·        It’s time to stop the corporate greed machine that uses and abuses its customers and allows discrimination

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