The best advice I can give to any consumer is to be aware and diligent on all purchases.

  • Retail store employees do not know the prices in their store, so if it rings up wrong they will not notice.
    • It is up to you to pay attention with prices as well as any promotion (like a $5 gift card)
  • Restaurants may have faulty/corrupted systems where the prices and/or the tip amount could be wrong.
    • Always figure out the tip yourself.  Do not trust the receipts.
  • When you order new services from any company – write down all fees.
    • Most Companies will not quote all the fees (they lump them into taxes and fees)
    • When you bill is wrong – Make sure to get your credits.
    • The Stop Greed training provides a call center checklist and helpful hints to always get what you deserve.

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